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Artist's Statement:

Life is a wonderful journey, but you are on borrowed time.

These are photographs and paintings of people and other critters who somehow wandered into my world. For a moment they dropped their guard and gave me a glimpse of their soul. I tried to capture this for ever with the click of a camera shutter or the stroke of a paint brush. If you feel their love, their joy, their power, then I have done my job.

Pete Richman


Artist's Methodology:

1. To achieve your goal.
2. Focus on the process.
3. If your program fails...Try something else.
5. Sooner or later you will succeed.
6. It is a positive attitude*.

* Edison’s invention of the light bulb is a good example.
** "Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill (1937) is a good book to read.

"The Universal Question” is: What is your measure of success? Money or Happiness?

Pete Richman


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