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Everybody is asking me WHY I am spending all this time going through 20,000 images. 100’s of DVD’S, and dozen’s of Seagate backup drives to create this Website. My wife won’t talk to me, and my Cocker Spaniel is giving me the evil eye. I could blame it on my age. For a lot of my life, I was just trying to make it to lunch in one piece.

The truth is it’s a hell of a lot of fun; it’s sort of like seeing your whole life flashing before you and your not even dead.
It brought back some really good memories of some people with really good hearts, pets from the past who have passed on, and sights that I have long buried in my mind’s eye. It sort of gives meaning to a life that I never really understood.

There is also another more personal reason that I am doing this project. I have granddaughters, nieces and even a 90-year old grandmother who also share this gift of art. Hopefully, this will encourage them to continue this process, despite all the other obstacles that life presents. In addition there are people who view my art and wished they could do it. Some are my age and think they are too old. I tell them it’s never to late to learn, besides they probably won’t be the oldest student in the class.

Hopefully, other people who view these images will share this joy, pursue a similar adventure, or pass them on to a friend.And for those people and critters who allowed me to wander into their world, the final credits belong to you; I am just the guy who held the camera. “Thanks for the Memory”.

Pete Richman


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