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The talent for Art is a God given gift. Every living organism on Earth possesses it. You can see it in a bee hive, a coral reef, a bird’s nest, or a cave painting. But it has to be nurtured, learned, and practiced. It is part of an evolutionary process that can easily be destroyed by modern technology and progress. Somehow it manages to survive and is the only record that remains.

My life is like a lot of people. I grew up in a rather dysfunctional family and somehow survived it. I have had a lot of jobs and careers and tried to learn from my mistakes. And I have a lot of certificates, degrees, and licenses that no one has ever looked at. I have lived in many different places and had more than one wife. I have been in a lot of Art Shows; won some and lost some. Now I am a Grandfather with daughters who have kids that are probably from another planet.

The only strain of consistency I can find is that people put up with me not because I was smarter, stronger, or slicker, but because I could paint pretty pictures.

Peter Richman

February 17, 2014

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